How Do You Write A Literature Review For A Dissertation

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It’s a good idea to start with a phrase that you think others will have used about the topic, perhaps that you have identified from your lectures and/or earlier study.In other words, content has not necessarily been checked, you have no way of knowing whether the author’s facts and claims are at all accurate and you could easily land yourself in trouble by blindly following or citing from online sources.Furthermore, because items on the internet are frequently changed, you may find that something you read yesterday is no longer available in the same form today.However, be aware that some professionals may find constant requests for information intrudes on their time.Always be courteous and sensitive to the level of demand you may be making on someone’s time.So a trip to your library may prove to be very helpful.If you haven’t already done so, get yourself an ATHENS account through your university and/or school library.Librarians are usually hugely experienced in using all the search tools and databases, and can often show you much quicker ways of doing things, as well as tips and tricks to help you refine your search.Furthermore, libraries may have copies of books and academic journals that are not available online.Your university or college supervisor will be able to give you an idea of how many sources you should include in your literature review.You will probably need to read at least double that number to find enough that are suitable for inclusion.


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