How To Market An Event Planning Business

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Once you set up your business plan, focus on the legalities of running a business.

Register your event planning business in whatever state you reside in, obtain all necessary business licenses, cover workers compensation insurance for your staff, and general liability insurance is also a must.

Just like any other industry, prior experience is essential to starting a successful event business.

Would trust your only car to an uncertified, tentative mechanic to replace its engine?

Your business plan acts as a proposal tool when approaching investors and lenders, so they will feel more comfortable giving away their money to your business.

These loans don’t have to come from bank lenders either.You will describe your event planning business, what makes your event planning business different (AKA your secret sauce), and why your business will succeed. Company overview Think of this as the Facebook profile of your business. Be sure to include estimates of consumer demand for your services, competitive pricing, and what regular expenses you might have such as catering and asset management. Appendix The appendix includes all spreadsheets, flowcharts, schedules, and graphs which explain projected income, current balance sheets, and all other data-driven points.Your company overview will include your company’s location, name, when it was formed, what type of event planning business it is, and in what legal form (like a limited liability company, S corporation, or sole proprietorship). Industry analysis Create a report on the industry you plan on entering and competing in. Your event business plan is a living document that will be edited many times over; be sure to revisit it when variables and factors change.I’ve composed a nine-step list on how to start your very own event planning business, from ideation to execution.Event planning requires a very specific personality: one that is outgoing, social, and creative enough to tackle the forever-shifting tasks needed plan a successful event.Every business, from Walmart to small nonprofits, needs a business plan to guide their decision making process, educate investors and lenders of your intentions, and to keep your business on the right path when times get rough. According to Forbes, every business plan should include a: 1. Customer analysis Flesh out who your customer base is. Be sure to include job descriptions, salaries, logistics of moving materials and hosting guests, etc. Management team Detail out a list of your team if it has been assembled, including their title, job descriptions, and qualifications. Financial plan How will you raise money to start off with?Cover page All this page needs is the prospective name of your business and your contact information so that investors and lenders can reach you. Executive summary Like an introductory paragraph of a blog post or opening scene to a movie, your executive summary is your opportunity to hook your audience and give them a taste of what is to come. Once your event planning business ready to launch, how do you plan to keep consistent revenue?We often have those moments where we realize what we are doing currently is not what we want to do with the rest of our lives.Nearly two years ago, I worked in political journalism, writing about current events and lending my views to editorial columns.Resources: Don’t let legal tedium prevent you from being thorough.Preventing a lawsuit or a government investigation is far cheaper than the fees (often costing more than ,000) associated with breaking the law, even if you’re missing something as benign as a zoning permit.


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