How To Solve Work Problems In Math

Work left will be 30 mandays in the seventh 10 day segment when 10 men will be working.

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when we combine work of teams of different types of workers, for example, men and women.

For men we will use, Mandays as work measure and for Women, Womandays.

Crossing this boundary, the full period is broken and job is finished in 3 more days. As 40 men working together all through take 42 days to complete the job, and in the second case, every 10 days worker force reduces by 5, we can safely test for 50 days work portion completion.

This is called an with which the number of days can safely be multiplied.

No on paper calculation is necessary in this approach.

How To Solve Work Problems In Math

This speedy solution was possible because of the use of natural number concept.

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Visit Stack Exchange A project can be done by 70 men in 100 days.

After *50=4000$ man-days of work, there are 00-4000=3000$ man-days of work remaining, and there are $ remaining workers, so the project will take another 00/60=50$ days.

One man does one-seventieth of the project in 100 days.


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