How To Write A Nonprofit Business Plan

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Reviewing lengthy, printed budgets full of individual items in tiny text can be a distraction during meetings.

It can derail what should be macro-level conversations with side tangents around unimportant details—things that are best managed by your team on the ground, rather than by consensus in a board meeting.

What looks like being 30 percent over budget on office supplies could indicate something as basic as needing to purchase a new computer monitor a few months prior to when it was officially budgeted. Putting this level of minutiae in front of your board can be confusing and distracting from real challenges that you need your board to help you address.

But you still need to communicate with them about your financials.

Even after you and your team have thought through and agreed on an initial budget, you’ll need to take it to your board of trustees for final approval.

Then, throughout the year, you’ll probably update your trustees on your financial progress.

Live Plan gives you a tool for giving them the right amount of access—it’s user-friendly and straightforward.

With Live Plan, you can group areas of your budget together, show expenses by month and by year, and then give the board members Live Plan “guest passes” so they can review your budget right in the software at their leisure and, if they need to, leave questions or comments.

We know that most board members take their responsibility to your organization very seriously when they accept a seat.

They have a vested interested having insight into and oversight of your organization’s financial plan.


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