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Besides this issue there is a religious question that is raised.Should we as humans be able to play god and create life or should we let sleeping dogs lie and leave this project alone.Though each person has a unique set of DNA the difference in a given pair of samples is less than 1 percent making the differences pale in The Human Genome Project is an international collaboration of scientists whos goal is to gain a basic understanding of the genetic blueprint of a human being.

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It is nothing short of a revolution against the way science has traditionally progressed"1 .

This statement of Thomas Lee refers to a massive scientific undertaking known as the human genome project, an endeavor that aims to discover each and every intricacy of human genetics.

A genome is defined as the complete collection of an organisms genetic material.

The human genome is composed of about 50,000 to 100,000 genes located on 23 pairs of chromosomes in a human cell.

Though there seems to be many scary implications to the continuation of this project there is little After doing the research for this project and learning about the implications of this project I feel that we should continue in good faith and hope that the technology is never used for non-medicinal purposes.

My grandmother suffers from parkinsons disease and there is nothing I would like more than to see a cure developed through gene therepy for her disease and others like it.For instince gene therapy is being developed as a very real cure for such hereditary diseases as Cystic Fibrosis and Parkinsons where somewhere in the genetic make up of the body there is a glich tht alows the nervous tissue of the brain to deteriorate at a slow but steady rate.With gene therapy we will be able to replace the tissue in the brain with correctly funtioning tissue from an animal such as a pig.One example of religious views colliding with the Human Genome project involves the abortion of fetuses due to the discovery of genetic defects.Another major conflict that has materialized involves the possibility of choosing children, in terms of selecting desirable traits or characteristics.There are many nations involved with this project as part of an informal pact including France, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, and many other european nations.Also in an effort to speed up the mapping and sequencing process several private companies have been enlisted to help Today there is a lot of research being done under the umbrella of the Human Genome Project.This mission, which includes the collaboration of scientists world wide, hopes to However, with such tremendous possibilities as the curing of genetic disease and the like, most persons choose to deny the religious conflicts which arise, and focus on the positive impact the project will have.In turn, as Timothy Murphy states, "most ethical analysis of the genome project typically shies away from any suggestion that the project itself is morally problematic."2 Despite this tendency to avoid the ethical, moral, and religious dilemmas that have arisen, many conflicts produced by the Human Genome project have assumed a place in the public eye.One worry is that soon we will be able to clone humans for body parts in order to save lives.On the surface this seems like a good idea however if put in the wrong hands this information could be used to make clones of armies for unstable countries or it could be used to clone those people who had bad influences on history such as hitler.


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