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Identity Article Essay Evaluation Argument Essay On Internet Censorship

Awareness of your own cultural identity prevents you from projecting your own values onto others; projecting denotes the natural human tendency to assume that people of other cultures are doing things for the same reasons that you would.

Essentially, a cultural identity essay requires that you discuss how nationality, race, language, social class, ethnicity, religion, gender, heritage, tradition, and norms affect your life and viewpoint. My name is Junichiro Claude Matsuoka, an only child. My father is Japanese and my mother is French, and I speak both languages fluently.

They were both born, raised, and educated in their home countries and were introduced to each other in graduate school in the United States. After which they got married and eventually decided to raise a family in multicultural and multi-ethnic New York City, the same house that we still live in.

My French mother, for her part, passed on to me the love for art and the importance of a relaxed body and mind.

I also inherited from her the love for delicious desserts and wine, philosophy, and yes, sentimental movies. When at home, I am an interesting mixture of both, with a dash of that recognizable New York accent.


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