If I Was Class President Essay

People would be motivated to recycle and reuse things so that landfills could be kept from taking over their communities.Research dollars would be allocated toward developing environmentally friendly fuel sources and people and companies would be compensated for choosing solar panels and other things that are better for the environment.You are an admissions officer at Harvard, Duke, or Stanford. You’re facing yet another long night of reading vague, boring, pompous essays.

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There is no prototypical essay because there is no prototypical admissions officer: they’re human beings, just like you and I are, and they have differing tastes, just like you and I do. Your desk is somewhere beneath a huge stack of papers. Mechanically, you open the next application folder, and again you force yourself to read: I am constantly striving to expose myself to every opportunity to become a person with a deep understanding of my own values and of the environment in which I find myself.

Still, there are reasons that one of the essays (as shown below) in “Essays That Worked…” was featured in the book’s opening, and we’re absolutely convinced that there are valuable lessons to be learned from that. I have participated in a broad range of activities, and I have endeavored to become ever more versatile and tolerant while at the same time solidifying my own ideals… But you must, because the deadline for notifying applicants is just a few days away.

We lied: There is no magic formula for writing the perfect college application essay.

The essays in “Essays That Worked for College Applications” (subtitled “50 Essays that Helped Students Get into the Nation’s Top Colleges”) vary wildly and include “think pieces,” multiple-panel cartoons, poems, and short plays, among others.

Grocery stores could give their surplus or less than perfect looking produce to food banks.

Restaurants could donate end of the day leftovers to food kitchens or homeless shelters.There wouldn’t be any resources wasted on petty arguments and fights between neighbors or family members.I know I might be wearing rose colored glasses, but if people truly treated others as they want to be treated, the world would be a better place for everyone.Not everyone can become the president, but if those that do were better at doing what the people need and trying not to be ruled by money, every citizen of the country would benefit in a big way.If we all come together and do what’s best for the nation instead of one population or individual, the United States would be an even better place to live.Suddenly, a gust of wind blows through an open window, upsetting the pile of applications. Curious, you pick up the essay and start to read, and you smile: 4 c.As 400 essays flutter around the room, you notice a page with a recipe for cranberry bread. flour …Not only is the following an overview of my personality but also a delicious recipe.I was born and raised in Pennsylvania, where our snow falls more like sugar; granular and icy, and makes us hardy skiers, unlike those spoiled by Western snow. Finally, a student you would want to meet, someone who dares to express herself creatively rather than simply regurgitate the same old litany of high school achievements and adolescent truisms. As you finish the “recipe” and read through the rest of her application, you start to feel much better.Decent grades, good test scores, solid recommendations – you’ve seen better, but it’s certainly respectable.First the flour and the sugar need to be sifted together into a large bowl.Flour reminds me of the powder snow that falls in the West.


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