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On one hand, it is a product of language which is of limited duration, and which depends upon a syntactic organization of the words.On the other hand, since it is a visual entity, text may also surpass its linear bounds and play upon the resources offered by layout, typography and colors in order to create other types of meaningful events.

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Older forms, such as hypertext fiction, have their roots in text adventure games (such as Will Crowther’s 1975 Adventure and Infocom’s Zork) and Bantam’s Choose Your Own Adventure series of children’s books.

Emerging genres such as reactive poetry, on the other hand, intermingle literary arts and multimedia design.

Reading itself was for many centuries mainly conceived of as a ruminatio (pondering at length).

In the eighteenth century, a new relationship to reading appeared, making it legitimate to browse through vast amounts of reading material.

Many aspects of these basic strategies are transportable to the electronic medium, but most require modification to take into account three things: From the perspectives of sustainability and access, databases are deploying a number of economic models for support and access.

The following examples should be investigated in terms of their viability for the humanities projects under consideration here: A.Often presented as Flash files, works in this latter class employ animated images and text accompanied by sound, in an effort to produce visually dynamic pieces.We will study further the nature of these emerging genres, and how readers interact with them.Before our current methods of inquiry and knowledge diffusion were shaped, notes Siemens (2002), knowledge exchange and the advancement of scholarship was facilitated in large part by personal dialogue and the circulation of private manuscripts and correspondence, with the emphasis being on “ensuring that valuable ideas circulated and became part of growing, documented, bodies of knowledge” (Siemens, 2002, p. Siemens suggests that the argument for proceeding ad fontes (going back to the sources) is compelling in suggesting that we might turn again “to earlier models of scholarly exchange . The second research area referenced above, electronic literature, refers to “works with important literary aspects that take advantage of the capabilities and contexts provided by the stand-alone or networked computer” (ELO, 2006, ¶2).Electronic literature includes genres such as hypertext fiction, reactive poetry, and blog novels.MEMBERSHIP MODEL: JSTOR, which provides database access to journal archives, was established with major Mellon Foundation funding, and is sustained on a membership basis.Memberships are available for institutions alone, with libraries and schools paying an initiation fee along with an annual fee, based on size.It is not surprising, then, that research and development efforts related to e-books in the humanities have tended in the direction of developing searchable digital archives and databases, establishing a method of encoding digital texts to ensure compatibility among archives, establishing a new knowledge economy related to scholarly electronic publication, and so on.Other research areas concern the affordances of digital media for collaborative knowledge production, and for the literary arts.Also, it puts varying amounts of emphasis on the visibility of the text and on the readers’ interactions with it.In this regard, text is the nexus of a fundamental tension.


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