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Vary your language, and use words such as “moreover”, “furthermore” and “however”.Another thing to consider is that to take your writing skills to the next level requires certain effort.After all, using the same technique from year to year will never bring you the better grade. Take advantage of the following tips, and chances are you will succeed!It may sound obvious, but the more you read, the better you write.Reading more is actually one of the easiest and the most effective methods to boost your writing skills.Essays provide the opportunity to craft thoughtful arguments on complex topics within the confines of a prescribed and often restrictive word count.As a student at a UK university, the biggest challenge you will find in essay writing is to make each one a little bit better than the last, especially if you are required to write them regularly.Do not use big words just for the sake of it though.Your essay should not contain meaningless meanderings, so review each sentence and remove any words or paragraphs that don’t add anything to your argument.Even though an essay is an academic paper, it should not be boring.You need to make it meaningful and interesting at the same time.


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