Independent Reading Assignment

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Not surprisingly, motivation also is associated with independent reading; children who are interested in and motivated to read tend to do more independent reading.

Unfortunately, children with learning disabilities in reading often do not read independently, because they tend to find reading effortful, may have trouble obtaining books at their reading level, or may have generally negative attitudes toward reading as a consequence of repeated failure. Predicting growth in reading ability from children's exposure to print. Successful dyslexics: A constructivist study of passionate interest in reading.

If you have any questions about appropriate books, just ask Ms.

Due 8/27 (A) or 28 (B) Know the title and author of the independent reading novel and be ready to explain why you selected this book.

These cautions are especially relevant to youngsters with LD, who tend to have problems with word decoding. Growth in reading and how children spend their time outside of school.

Independent reading is never a substitute for focused remediation and interaction with a teacher in key skill areas, such as word decoding, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Nevertheless, encouraging independent reading for pleasure in youngsters with LD is important for developing habits of reading, interest in reading, and practice of learned skills. Here are a few suggestions for parents and teachers interested in fostering independent reading in students with learning disabilities: Peer-reviewed journal articles Anderson, R. The National Reading Panel concluded that more research was needed to show the effectiveness of independent reading programs commonly employed in schools, such as Sustained Silent Reading. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 54, 74-89. Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy, 39, 268-280. (In these programs, students may spend a substantial block of time reading books of their own choice silently, with the teacher also reading silently at the same time.) In addition, the panel cautioned that these programs do not appear effective for students who lack basic word decoding skills, especially as a sole or primary treatment. It got so bad that multiple major proponents of encouraging reading contacted me in embarrassment over the responses (because some of it was unprofessional, and much of it was just badly reasoned).Part of the problem is that many teachers believe their actions are deeply moral so if anyone questions their choices, they go off the deep end (there are few small disagreements about reading instruction these days).Research supporting the Common Core Standards also confirms that reading a variety of texts in the appropriate text complexity bands and Lexile bands is necessary to prepare students for college and career.To help you reach these reading goals, you will be reading books from different genres with a focus on classic literature that is appropriate for 7th grade.It can consist of reading done in or out of school, including purely voluntary reading for enjoyment or assigned reading for homework. Motivational and cognitive predictors of text comprehension and reading amount. Other helpful sources Board on Children, Youth, and Families. Engaging schools: Fostering high school students' motivation to learn. There are strong associations between independent reading and reading achievement, and many researchers believe that independent reading plays a key role in the development of reading fluency (speed and ease of reading), vocabulary, background knowledge, and even spelling.


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