Integrated Business Planning Process

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Executive Summary Economic, political, and environmental challenges combined with the growing complexity of global operations have made Integrated Business Planning (IBP) a top corporate priority.

Indeed, the potential is tremendous in the most volatile business climates.

These processes represent all the activities that organizations in all industries undertake.

Some processes are highly structured, such as high-volume manufacturing processes, while others, such as medical care that must be tailored to specific patients’ needs, are more unstructured.

This process aligns merchandising, sales, planning, Research & Development (R&D), operations, finance, and other functional areas of the organization, into a single line of sight, from plan to performance to profit.

Internal alignment is just part of the Integrated Business Planning (IBP) process to create company agility that can recognize, recalibrate, and respond to changing conditions.

You may not think of the activities performed within your organization as business processes, but that is exactly what they are.

As you try to improve your operations, you are engaging in a process improvement project.

S&OP is designed to find and react to supply chain gaps and by its’ process is reactionary.

IBP sits at the heart of many organizations as the management process that runs the entire business.


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