Intellectual Property Assignment Agreement

Intellectual Property Assignment Agreement-50
If you follow the enclosed model and guidelines, you will have a written acknowledgment of the rights and responsibilities being transferred as part of your sale.

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A company’s ability to buy and sell property is essential to its long-term life and vitality.

Although it does not take up physical space, an excess of intellectual property can burden a company, directing limited funds towards maintaining registrations, defending against third-party claims, or creating and marketing a final product.

The owner of the intellectual property rights may transfer all or part of his rights - e.g.

the copyright owner could assign only some of his economic prerogatives.

Although the specific requirements for intellectual property rights assignments depend on the particular situation and vary from country to country, in most jurisdictions a valid IP assignment must at a minimum include the following: The assignment of intellectual property rights can be made as a separate transaction of intangible assets, or it may occur as part of much larger acquisitions of assets such as sales of business assets, mergers or stock purchases.

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However, ownership of intangible assets is not affected by the mere acquisition of shares in a company.

An assignment agreement is a contract that transfers the rights to the intellectual property from the creator to another entity, such as a company.

Individuals being hired into research and development or other technical areas sign the agreements to assign to the company, in advance, any ideas, work products, or inventions related to the company business.

Intellectual property is legally defined as a work or invention that is the result of creativity to which one has rights and for which one may apply for a trademark, patent, copyright, or other appropriate protection to keep others from using it without permission.

Works or inventions are typically books or designs but can include ideas or a work product, which includes software programs.


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