International Business Negotiation Case Study

The purpose of this case study is to provide an opportunity for students to conduct realistic business analysis applying subject material related to cross‐cultural issues presented in the international business and international management courses.

The hypothetical case study requires students to participate in a complex international business negotiation while treating cross‐cultural issues.

Yet the two-day mediated talks between the CEOs in late May ended in an impasse, with both sides refusing to back down from their arguments.

The suit later went to trial twice, with Apple ultimately winning more than $409 million.

Both sides had said they hoped to avoid a legal battle.

Given that Samsung is one of Apple’s biggest suppliers, the companies had a strong incentive to move beyond their dispute and build on their ongoing partnership.

For two days in late May 2012, Apple CEO Tim Cook and Samsung CEO Gee-Sung Choi met with a judge in the U. District Court of Northern California in an attempt to reach a settlement in a high-profile U. patent case, a sobering example of negotiation in business.

Back in April 2011, Apple had filed a lawsuit accusing Samsung of copying the “look and feel” of the i Phone when the Korean company created its Galaxy line of phones.

Students do not fully appreciate the pressures and tensions experienced by business professionals with respect to selecting a particular revenue stream from a series of potential revenue streams and resource limitations constraining managerial decision making. Download as .

The case study offers a complex view of the myriad of cross‐cultural considerations inherent in an international business negotiation.


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