International Tension Essay

When such events come into light, they tend to hurt the emotions of a group of people internationally, sometimes even worsening the situations.

In conclusion, sports have always been a great way to ease out tension and bring harmony.

This essay will discuss and analyze some of the racial conflict that happened in the South as well as the West.

There continues to be racial conflict throughout the world and it has been that way for quite some time now.

Sports are generally liked by almost all the children whether girls or boys.

Generally the topic of benefits and importance of sports are argues by the people.The biggest issue was there was not enough jobs to handle the recent increase in immigrants.All these factors would be a recipe for disaster and would escalate in to great riots and violence.The rapid influx of immigrants in the early 1940’s created a lot of tension between all races.There were trying times in the United States and unemployment, racial tension and lack of equality between races was escalating and creating trying times for all.In my opinion, although international events bring nations together, they also have seen their dark days.Looking at the positive side, the best example of such events are the world cups which tends to bring nations together, at least temporally.It brings families, neighbors together and even rival gangs watch the game and celebrate peacefully.Turning to the negative sides, such games have also been witness of racial discrimination and other frauds.Playing sports on daily basis help in developing the mental skills.It also improves the psychological skills of the person playing.


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