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Third, you should critically analyze the arguments of others in order to show how your argument contributes to our general understanding of the phenomenon.In other words, you should identify the shortcomings of previous research or ideas and explain how your paper corrects some or all of those deficits.An analysis of the play Waiting for Godot could unpack the lifelong friendship between the two main characters by identifying what binds the men together, how these ties are effectively or ineffectively conveyed to the audience, and what the play teaches us about same-sex friendships in our own lives.

First, you must demonstrate your knowledge of the phenomenon and what others have said about it.

This usually involves synthesizing previous research or ideas.

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For now, let’s see how a general topic, same-sex friendships, might be treated in each of the different areas.

Within communication studies, there are four different approaches to understanding these interactions.

Your course probably falls into one of these four areas of emphasis: The content and purpose of your assignments will vary according to what kind of course you are in, so pay close attention to the course description, syllabus, and assignment sheet when you begin to write.

This would require you to discuss and analyze group dynamics and effectiveness in the work environment.

A rhetorical analysis could involve comparing and contrasting references to friendship in the speeches of two well-known figures.

For instance, you could compare Aristotle’s comments about Plato to Plato’s comments about Aristotle in order to discover more about the relationship between these two men and how each defined their friendship and/or same-sex friendship in general.

A performance approach might involve describing how a literary work uses dramatic conventions to portray same-sex friendships, as well as critiquing how believable those portrayals are.


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