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The more exposed people are to a company’s brand, the greater the company's chances of finding and retaining new customers.

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It was followed, in order of popularity, by Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and Pinterest, according to

Marketers use social networking for increasing brand recognition and encouraging brand loyalty.

There are several different online social networks, but for our purposes, we focused on the three that tend to be used the most by learning professionals in 2008 – Facebook, Linked In and Ning.

Each of these networks has its own unique style, functionality and patterns of usage.

Ian Mc Carthy’s honeycomb model is one way to see the differences between consumer social media platforms, as it highlights 7 functions with 7 implications.

For example Linked In is strong in Identity and also supports Relationships and Reputation.You will also find that different people are active in these different networks.Linked In is primarily a professional network, designed to facilitate linkages between people who are wanting to connect for work-related purposes.For example, if a company has 500 followers, followers may not all receive the same post.Looking for deeper insight on social networks as they relate to work and learning?Social networking is the use of Internet-based social media sites to stay connected with friends, family, colleagues, customers, or clients.Social networking can have a social purpose, a business purpose, or both, through sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and Instagram, among others.On the other hand, Facebook is strong in Relationships, and also supports Presence, Identity, Conversations, and Reputation.Ning is strong in Groups, and also supports Sharing and Conversations.Customers may complement the company’s offerings and encourage others to buy the products or services.The more customers are talking about a company on social networking, the more valuable the brand authority becomes. Increased company posts rank the company higher in search engines.


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