Iphone 4 Problem Solving

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It starts, I unlock my SIM card and then when i open any app it just shuts down and restarts.Try using another SIM card on your device and see if the problem still occurs.

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And I can hear sounds, ringtones and music perfectly. Solution: This could be an issue related to the software itself.

Try to check for any new updates for your device as this may contain improvements and fixes that deals with this issue. To back up data using i Cloud Hey, Sometime ago my i Phone restarted by itself and I thought it was some kind of overheating precaution because I left it outside in the sun for a while.

If it doesn’t then your original SIM card may be faulty.

If the issue still exists with the new SIM card then it’s probably the SIM holder that has a problem.

You may also want to do a hard reset on your device. However, it keeps restarting whenever I open any app now that has passed like a month since that time.

I recently discovered that it only restarts if I have my SIM card in it.However, just to make sure that we have covered all bases we will check and see if there are other factors causing this to happen.Check your phone charging port and your phone itself for any physical damages.What you can do is to bring your device to an authorized service center and have it fixed.In case you are wondering what needs to be done to a water damaged device we have listed the following tips my i Phone 4 is now stuck on starting itself up, the screen lights up, apple logo appears, it vibrates and then repeats that all over again.Most of the emails sent to us by our readers regarding this device are generally easy to resolve while others need several troubleshooting steps to be performed.If you own an i Phone 4 or any other i Phone model for that matter feel free to email us at .I have tried holding down the home and lock button as well but this does nothing. I just had my laptop restored, and when I plugged in my USB cable to sync my i Phone 4 with i Tunes, the Windows error message states that it does not recognize my i Phone OR the port it is plugged in to.I never had this problem before.i Phone 4 Stuck In “Connect To i Tunes Screen” When Updating Problem: I was attempting to update my i Phone 4 to the new i OS 7.0.4 via my computer after I plugged it in to create a backup copy and something went wrong before it could finish and I received an error message.And if you don't want to reset but just one or a few things, you can do that too!it's a simple task to reset the phone's settings, remove network connections, erase content, zap the keyboard dictionary, rearrange the Home screen, or dump Location and Privacy data. It means you can't rely on your i Phone working for you when you need it. Bluetooth needs to broadcast and establish a connection, Wi-Fi needs to lock on and transmit data, Air Drop relies on both.


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