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The more work you put in, the more help you receive. If you can't pass Organic Chem, or Analytical Chem, you shouldn't be a chemistry major. Ask a prof if they can explain what they were looking for and keep that in mind when you (In case you missed it: APPLY NEXT TIME.) Second, it's a lesson on the reality of writing. You walk her home, talking about why she might like you. Also, as the daughter of teachers, I have long thought Creative Writing departments should not be separate from English departments. Professors of creative writing certainly had to work hard to get where they are and they have a lot to teach, but they are also a product of a style, of a lens, of a school, and when that background doesn't mesh with yours, it is nobody's fault. When people pretend that background isn't there, that there is some nebulous omniscient definition of good writing, that they really can say who absolutely deserves to be in 201 or whichever workshop you go onto from there, it is extremely frustrating and fake. If you're experienced, commentary isn't as effective as it could be. (I guess there are some writers who can sit down and, out of nowhere, crank out the Great American Novel, but that doesn't seem to be the trend.) Classes attract students who have a lot of passion and verve for the subject. Other majors do similar things with different approaches. I wanted to link to it but for some reason am not able to submit this comment when I include the address. I wish you'd majored in every major so you could speak at such length about them all! Posted by: Kate on October 14, 2009 PM I have to say that my primary frustration with nearly all creative writing workshops, including those at Oberlin, is the shuffling-under-the-table that goes on about bias.

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Even if you've never done a significant amount of writing in high school, those classes really get you on your feet. I think they add so much to the human existence and how we conceive of words and language! So applying for 201, which requires poetry as well as prose, was pretty hard. I mashed up some stories and added some line-breaks. Applying for internships and jobs, or getting your work into a literary magazine is similarly dodgy. re: "big egos" I actually meant students, in this case, not professors (though I've found professors to be incredibly modest).

The hard part is that most writers are not great at everything. I love Philip Larkin, ee cummings and Charles Bukowski! My high school teacher took me aside once, after I said I wanted to study creative writing, and said: "Someone is going to love your work. There's not much you can do, except write as best you can, and try to make friends with as many people as possible. It's like when you have a crush on a pretty girl. I know of one major who was a dweeb about it (there's always _one_), but it was never a trend.

It's an important part of a balanced liberal arts breakfast... This is the problem with the Theater and Art (and in a different way, Biology) departments at Oberlin as well.

They need more classes and more professors to teach the classes.

Most writers double-major and I think that's a good cure. I've not had that problem with a professor, and Kazim has an awesome reputation. People in my classes had wildly different kinds of writing.

I don't think writing is the only thing to life, but a good way at clarifying/examining certain issues. Posted by: Aries on October 15, 2009 PM I am a freelance writer and when I say freelance, it is in the truest sense of the word.

I was able to take an upper-level course my senior year having only taken the intro class my freshman year.

I love having written.” Dorothy Parker The writer's life has traditionally been shrouded in myth, and the truth of the hard work involved has been discreetly veiled by the publishing industry and by authors themselves.

If they can hear your loud, annoying voice when they read your work, they'll probably like it more." Third, there'a lot of places to write on campus. You can take a Rhetoric and Composition class, or write an Oberlin story. I use a tumblr to stick my media finds that make me happy and curious. Fourth-- Crying for weeks or transferring to another college is a good choice. And then when applying for 300-level classes, I only applied for one. Other folks like her too, but you that you like her the most. In classes, professors don't talk themselves up, or act like they're so much cooler than alums You're right -- they aren't all writing majors, because the department is new and (for a long time) was so small.

Fifth-- Being a Creative Writing major does not guarantee later success. I got into 201, the first application-needed workshop. And you make eyes at her in dance class, and check her facebook profile, memorize her favorite bands. I meant to discuss larger writing communities, but found that my post was already hella long.


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