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Regina Gates, 60 For years, Gates lived the American Dream.The Walnut Grove, Mississippi, resident owned a beauty salon, making more in an hour than her dad, a forklift driver, made in a week.

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Loomis took nine flights -- logging 7,670 miles in the air and driving another 720 miles -- to meet these Americans who responded to CNN/Kaiser Family Foundation's poll on race.

A unitary definition does not exist–the American dream probably has a different meaning to every US citizen.

Iman Worsham, 31 Life in Birmingham, Alabama, is easier now than it was when her mother was growing up, says Worsham.

There’s less prejudice and more programs and counselors to guide young blacks into colleges and careers. She has a master's in health services administration, is a case manager for Humana and is studying to become a registered nurse.

Gates (pictured above with her grandchildren) traveled and provided for her five daughters, one of whom has a Ph D.

Then she developed health problems, which cost her the salon and her dream.The booming US industry during the first half of the 20th century caused the myth s role of the American dream is a matter of discussion.Some think that the American dream is still a viable element today, for others it is only an illusion. On the other hand, the same advantages are disadvantageous for society: there is no social fond for the poor and there is no serious interest in important issues like environmental protection etc.However, she still believes her children will have an easier time attaining their dreams than she or her parents did.Breionne Carter, 22 Carter lives in a suburb of Austin, Texas, and has big dreams.For some it is the dream of freedom and equality, for others it is the dream of a fulfilled life or even the dream of fame and wealth.In general, the American dream can be defined as being the opportunity and freedom for all citizens to achieve their goals and become rich and famous if only they work hard enough.Currently unemployed, the former Buddy Holly impersonator lives with his wife and two younger children in Monmouth, Oregon.His eldest daughter lives a few hours away with her 3-year-old daughter.Now working at Dairy Queen, she is saving up to attend community college.Someday, she hopes to become an entrepreneur, creating companies that provide jobs for others in her community.


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