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In order to synthesize certain items, certain synthesis sets must be completed first.

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Each shop also sells unique weapons or items, but once Sora visits a new shop its unique stock is added to those carried by the various item and equipment shops at Radiant Garden and Twilight Town.

Items can also be sold back to the various shops at 25% of their list price, while Equipment can be sold at 50% of its list price; all equipment obtained from synthesis or enemy drops has a list price of 20 munny.

Each Moogle Shop also runs a synthesis Workship, allowing Sora to deposit synthesis materials and craft new items.

Each Moogle Shop will add Ingredient-class synthesis materials of the Shard, Stone, and Gem ranks to its stock, once Sora deposits 30, 25, or 20 of specific type of material, respectively, at any of them.

Maximum Stat is the maximum stat requirement for that tier.

Please see the Manual of Style and Editing Help before getting started.Issues: A divved table for each section, detailing all the things the Moogle sells, synthesizes, or redeems (see Avatar Menu); clarify how shop levels work, KHIII coverage; fix sortable table headers; story sections including KHX; reorganize tables by in-game order (esp.KH1), not item type; verify end-game lists and sell prices for all games; add TVA template to BBS list; note the stuff removed by Bb S HD; add moogle level requirements to KH2 The Moogle Shop is a place that you synthesize items to make new weapons and armor, as well as a place where items and cards can be bought.The Moogle Shop is present on all playable worlds, and Moogle Shops sell Items and Equipment.Mog's Workshop in Radiant Garden and Elmina's Moogle Shop in Twilight Town are run in-person, while all other shops are run by hologram.The Moogle Shop can appear in any world in "Sora's story", excluding 100 Acre Wood, but must be summoned by creating a Moogle Room with their eponymous map card.Moogle Shops sell a limited stock of packs of five random cards for Moogle Points; the packs are organized by card type (Attack, Magic, Item, and Assorted) and rarity (Leaf, Brown, Black, and Moogle).A Moogle appears in the Grey Area in The World That Never Was and the Station Plaza in Twilight Town, wearing a Black Coat.The Moogle sells various Panels and items for Heart Points, but also assists Roxas with item synthesis, and redeems his Challenge Sigils and Mission Crowns for various prizes.In addition, the recipes for the items from the original game have also been changed, to which some of them even require synthesis materials that are exclusive to Final Mix.The moogles also award Sora the ability Encounter Plus after synthesizing 15 items which can help with encountering Heartless to collect synthesis materials.


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