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It will also reveal how legal and bureaucratic incursions have, over time, sapped this cultural resource.The complexity of the century-long assault on our constitutional order dissuades those who want clean, abstract, and constitutional arguments, but it rewards those who recognize in the messy details of this story the tangled resources of a self-governing people. In the sweltering summer of 1925, two elderly liberals came to do battle—one a populist and the other an elitist, both holdovers from a generation of battles over reform.Movie cameras captured moments of the event, the film rushed to the big cities to show the progress of the trial in newsreels that played before the main feature.

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The debate has far-reaching implications in our increasingly secular society.

Although the play Inherit the Wind was widely believed to be an accurate synopsis of the historical trial it grossly distorted the actual events of history.

Many young people's prejudice against Christianity is being fueled and justified by this work of fiction.

For decades, defenders of liberty and self-rule have been fighting what seems like a continuous battle about the power, reach, and accountability of the federal government.

The play openly mocks theism, religion, the South, William Jennings Bryan, and even religious pluralism.

Inherit the Wind is still being used in history, science and English classrooms all across America (and probably in some other Western nations as well).

In recent years, removing the Ten Commandments from public spaces has been big news.

In fact, Christian morality on the whole seems to be rapidly declining in America and the western hemisphere: abortion is on the rise, divorce rates are climbing, gay marriage issues are increasing.

Placing an advertisement in Tennessee newspapers promising to provide legal support to any teacher who challenged the law, the ACLU caught the eye of a group of businessmen in Dayton. Scopes, a coach and occasional science teacher, to challenge the state law banning the teaching of evolution.

Dayton was not a bastion of modernism, but it was no fundamentalist hotbed, either.


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