Joint Honours Degree Dissertation

Our academic disciplines relate very closely - and so joint programmes become more than the sum of their two parts.

You will benefit from involvement in two academic areas and the diversity of subjects they offer.

Joint degrees are different from 'single honours' degrees, in which you choose to specialise in a single subject and will mainly study courses in that subject.

However in years one and two, you may well be able to choose courses from outside subjects.

Studying a joint degree at Edinburgh provides you with wide-ranging academic foundations and a broader qualification to apply for postgraduate degrees or employment.

The Philosophy Honours programme is a two-year programme of studies, comprising the Junior Honours and Senior Honours years, and is part of our four-year MA (Honours) degree.

Further announcements will be made on Moodle through the JH noticeboard (key: junior) and SH noticeboard (key: senior), and by e-mail to your University address.

It is vital that you check your University e-mail account frequently, and that you sign up for the relevant Moodle pages, otherwise you may miss important information.

Honours students have the option to spend their third year studying abroad.

See the Study Philosophy Abroad section for more information.


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