Julius Nyerere Ujamaa Essays On Socialism

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In this investigation I intend to look at what made up ujamaa socialism, how it differed from other forms of in Europe, why it was considered to be the way forward for the new republic of Tanzania and finally why it failed to work in Tanzania even though it's ideological leader is now considered a fore thinker for attempting its introduction.The forming of the New Republic of Tanzania bought with it problems that many countries in Africa were faced with after de-colonisation.

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Others moved for more practical reasons all together, the ability to have access to modern technology and discounted seed.

Further incentives were given to the people to move to these ujamaa villages that had been built especially for production in that the poll tax would be waived if a move was made.

These feudalistic and capitalistic features of our society could spread and entrench themselves.

(b) The Major Means of Production and Exchange are under the Control of the Peasants and Workers.

Socialism just like democracy is an attitude, a belief.

In a socialist society it is the socialist attitude of mind, and not the unmovable adherence to a political standpoint which is needed to ensure that the people care for each others welfare.

He had called for ex-pats living abroad to invest in the country with the understanding that they could take some profit for themselves out of the country.

Nyerere was still president when the formal liberalisation came into place with private enterprises being allowed to import goods directly.

There was an oil-price hike and a world economic recession in the 1980s.

This meant that rather than becoming insular and closing in its boundaries a realisation need to be found.


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