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It'd also be nice to have the puzzles named some way, so that we can refer to them without having to post them. to what Conceptis uses for their kakuro books, at least, their puzzles and mine have lots of similar attributes.

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The chances of any random grid producing a well-formed puzzle (ie.The generator is still very much a WIP, so we'll see if I can't crank up the difficulty a bit. My first instinct for the next step was to put in randomly generated sums and then try solving.That didn't yield very good results so instead I fill the grid with a valid solved state, calculate the sums from that, and try solving.For each iteration it keeps the solved numbers from the previous iteration and generates new numbers to go around them, until it comes up with a valid grid.This often ends up making the solutions for the puzzles radiate out from a few certain points.Although maybe that's just me being bad at kakuros. I'd also love to hear a good algorithm for detecting naked triples!As most of your puzzles have obvious surface sums, it's strange that you don't use them.That'd certainly be an interesting step to add them. Do you first generate a grid of back cells and then try to find sums fitting them?I think you could have a database of already generated puzzles (like atk),with a classification corresponding to the result of generation (and not to a max allowed during the generation process - a max that, most of the time, cannot be effectively reached by the result, for statistical reasons).The difficulty settings are a little flimsy, but in general a hard puzzle will be more difficult than an easy puzzle.The easies have a tighter grid and simpler logic deductions, while the mediums have a slightly more sparse grid and tougher deductions, and the hards have the most wide open grid while keeping the deductions the same as medium.


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