Law Firm Business Plan Example

Unless you have specific skills that make you invaluable, most solo practitioners can never go back to working in a large law firm again.

This may be due to the negative perceptions that the solo practitioner’s skills are no longer good enough, they are unable to work with others or they do not have the skills to work in a large firm.

Opening your own business means all the work now falls in your plate – from soliciting clients to hiring more staff, finding an office space and getting your finances in order.

Unfortunately, not many lawyers have that entrepreneurial mindset that may allow their law firm to succeed.

For example, are you using an email marketing campaign, promoting your business through content marketing or networking with other lawyers and clients? However, before investing your time and effort in marketing, consider your practice area and your clients, and what works best for them.

1.0 Executive Summary [COMPANY NAME] provides high quality legal services at affordable flat rates to help middle class white and blue collar workers.

However, by doing so you would be directly enjoying the fruits of your labor.

While initially, you may take on any client, later you may have the opportunity to take on more interesting projects.

Most lawyers who start their business think it is all about “practicing law”.

What they don’t realize is that they apart from the legal responsibilities, they would have to deal with staffing needs, financing, accounting and marketing the law firm.


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