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But there was a complication: California rejects bar reciprocity with other states.

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Here's what happened, together with some possible lessons about the experience. I wanted to keep that up when I moved to California, so I wanted to join the California bar.For me, at least, the fastest way to learn a new area of law is to first learn what the law is trying to do.Most fields of law are trying to achieve some goals or balance some interests in a way that you can state in a sentence or two.At first blush it seemed like a blessing to be able to take the Attorney's Exam.I didn't have to suffer through a second day of testing.My frustration with Bar/Bri is that the rules were not given any purpose.The rules were just rules, hundreds or thousands of rules to memorize, presented rule after rule after rule.But the federal practice exception is surprisngly murky in scope when you get down to the details.And I didn't want to rely on it given even just the theoretical risk that it might expose me to unauthorized practice of law claims.But from my odd perspective, at least, it was frustrating.I was interested to see, when I signed up to take the bar, if it would be as stressful as it had been the first time.


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