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Instead of volunteers coming during a set time of the school day to visit with students for an hour or take them out in the community, students have a special place to go and get one-on-one attention.

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Oliver Hill Day has been a recognized annual celebration for the Oliver Hill Courts family more almost three decades.

Coordinated in conjunction with ABA’s National Law Week, the court community with support from the Greater Richmond Juvenile Bar Association, local businesses, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., and various court-affiliated agencies offer essay and art competitions, recognize community partners for their community service, expose students to keynote speakers in the area of law and social justice.

The Institute culminates with a graduation banquet where a prominent African American member or member of diversity of the Bar is the featured speaker.

The project is sponsored and organized by the Diversity Conference of the Virginia State Bar and the Millennium Diversity Initiative with support from the Oliver White Hill Foundation.

This is the second year a scholarship was given to the winner of “Why I Want To Become An Attorney” Essay Contest.

Other events which took place included an Ask-A-Lawyer at Massillon Municipal Court, the Fifth District Court of Appeals traveled to Canton South High School and a Naturalization Ceremony was held at Central Catholic High School. Stark County Bar Association Legal Scholarship The Stark County Bar Association offers a Legal Scholarship through Stark Community Foundation.

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II prohibits individuals including voters, from wearing “political insignia” inside, at, or around polling places on a pri Right of Publicity Electronic Arts video games the First Amendment does not protect Electronic Arts depiction of actual college players Courts accepted right of publicity claims a TV ad using a caricature of a celebrity (Vanna White v. They are trespass, violation of the noise ordinance, and disturbing the peace.

More about the project can be reviewed in the article by Latoya C. Napoleon, published in the December 2013 issue of Virginia Lawyer: ““.

OLIVER HILL MENTORING PROGRAM (Big Brothers/Big Sisters/Roanoke City Public Schools) This after-school program, in partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwest Virginia, opened in 2011.


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