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Poetry and other forms of literature often use symbols as a means of providing information.

The image is not necessarily what it looks like, and when people think about poetry more abstractly, there may be many explanations. Swans, Zeus changed, raped women and offered sneaky, dishonest and tyranny images.

Swans are common symbols in poetry and are often used to explain the essence of idealization.

One of the children was Helen of Troy, the woman the Trojan War was fought over. But the world to which she gives "birth" is ruled by politics and power, not the gods.

Analysis on form The poem is a sonnet-it has 14 lines. The Burning of Troy set the stage for the future rise of the Roman Empire and, much later, the rise of modern Europe.

Different versions of the myth disagree on whether Leda was actually raped or seduced by Zeus.

In the myth, Leda gave birth to four children, who hatched from eggs. But some of the rhymes are only slant rhymes, like "push" and "rush," or "up" and "drop." The first nine lines of "Leda and the Swan" describe the act of rape from Leda's Leda's world is populated by myths and divinities that come down to earth.This is "Leda and the Swan" and some notes on the analysis of this interesting and mysterious Yeats poetry.Overall, "Leda and the Swan" is a sonnet that focuses on Greek myths, Zeus takes the form of a swan, rapes the girl Leda and takes her child to become a Troy Helen . Yeats says that this single action brought about the Trojan horse war, followed by the end of the Greek civilization and the arrival of a new (basically Christian) age.The swan symbolizes the union of higher and lower spirits: the animal and the divine.In the same way, Zeus is a symbol of both absolute truth and the meaningless cycles of nature. The poem Leda and the Swan, written by William Butler Yeats, attempts to shed new light on what is arguably one of Ancient Greece's most controversial myths. Conjuring up images of bloody battles and crumbling cities, its descriptions of the epic battle between good and evil still have remarkable relevance and continue to resonate with poignancy in our bleak, war-torn society.By explaining the physical characteristics of the swan, the swan will be the power of the fierce God "Leda and the Swan" (published in 1924) is one of the largest collections of W · B · Yeats.This poem was a bit strange for Yeats, a sonnet talking about the Greek girl Raida raped by the Zeus god who appeared in the image of the swan.They describe the Burning of Troy and subsequent murder of Agamemnon, the most powerful Greek commander in the Trojan War.The poem claims that the birth of Helen of Troy, Leda's child by the swan, led to these events.


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