Li & Fung Research Paper

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Synopsis: Chinese family businesses that continue to thrive for more than a century are few and far in between and Fung Group is one of them.

Starting as a traditional trader in the early years, Fung Group evolved into a modern multinational enterprise.

This book presents the Fung Group’s 110 years of development history and experiences and highlights the transformation and expansion since the global financial crisis in 2008, innovative developments in supply chain management, corporate social responsibility as well as the development opportunities and vision under China’s “Belt and Road” Initiative strategy.

Synopsis: Facing rising expectations on safety compliance, environment, social and working standards, this case study examines how Li & Fung decided to create an integrated and holistic strategy to address these issues in a manner that would create solutions and build value for LF customers in sustainable supply chain management.

Synopsis: IDS Group, a provider of supply chain solutions, developed a supply chain concept called “Value Chain Logistics”.

Value Chain Logistics took a holistic view of the entire value chain by positioning logistics as the fundamental enabler to drive maximum efficiency and responsiveness in all the steps: from manufacturing to distribution to the final consumers.Li & Fung pioneered “flat world” success to become a leading supplier of garments and other consumer goods for the world’s top brands and retailers – without owning a single factory.Synopsis: This case study discusses the global supply chain management practices of Li & Fung and examines how the company has positioned itself as a global supply chain manager, describing its supply chain management strategy including the dispersed manufacturing technique and its global supplier network.This report discusses the key innovation and transformation initiatives of leading department store operators, major issues and challenges faced by the sector, and development trends for 2019.Synopsis: Pw C surveyed 1,155 executives at global manufacturing companies in 26 countries and asked them about their views on Industry 4.0 and digital operations.The lackluster performance was due in part to the rise of e-commerce as well as the government’s strengthened anti-corruption efforts to eliminate lavish gifts for government officials.To cope with China’s ever-changing retail environment, increasing numbers of department store operators have reinvented and upgraded their businesses by pursuing innovation and transformation initiatives.Synopsis: This case study discusses global supply chain management and focuses on Li & Fung as one of Hong Kong’s most successful trading companies.It covers Victor Fung’s and William Fung’s views on the age of the Internet in which they believe that trading intermediaries have an important role to play.Synopsis: In the “flat world,” everything changes so what does it take to run a winning company?Success is less about what the company can do itself and more about what it can connect to.


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