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Once I am able to pass my 6-year classes, I must take a license exam to obtain my pharmacy license (

Pharmacists have very good job outlooks because they make a high salary with many benefits (

I also think it is very important for people to be healthy so that job would allow me to provide health care.

Becoming a pharmacist would allow me to have stability and flexibility in the future with my life, which will be important when I am older.

From my ambition essay, you can learn everything about ambitions.

There is the meaning of ambitions, its classification, positive and negative aspects and recommendations for its development and self-improvement. It is the desire and the intention of man to reach any individual goals. I this ambition definition essay I can notice that this word was translated from the Latin "ambitio" and means vanity and pride.

What I want most importantly in life is to become a pharmacist and to create a family with someone I love.

I want the family most importantly because I was raised in a very tight Greek family.

I want to help people with their health, and I have wanted to do this since I was a child. Religion is important because it can also get you through hardships and difficulties in your life.

Religion can also be a great source of strength when hardships arise.


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