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The play performed absolutely well in Golden Globes competition (television video category).Reid and Malkovich both secured a place in supporting character category while Hoffman won the best character award.

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As he tries to live the American dream he venerates those who have been successful at doing so, like Thomas Edison, B. The extreme to which he followed the dream brought him to disillusionment and lose sense of reality.

Willy created a reality for himself where he “knocked ‘em cold in Providence,” and “slaughtered ‘em in Boston” (p. The ultimate result of his disillusionment is his suicide.

He pursed the ideal rather than living it and thus is unable to succeed.

Willie Loman, in Death of a Salesman, has lived his life in pursuit of the American dream.

Traditionally the American dream meant opportunity and freedom for all, and Willie believed that.

However, hard work could not earn him everything that he wanted or thought he deserved.The has portrayed Willy as the most desperate old man, which is a great lesson to everyone.Though Arthur Miller has written great plays before, this play has remained as a film of all seasons.Thus in order to please god and himself he had to accumulate wealth and objects.The consumer oriented society in which Willy lives will not allow him to live the American Dream. His desire for goods makes him want objects that he neither needed nor could afford. Furthermore he punished those who did not work towards that ideal or accomplish it, such as Biff, his son, and most importantly himself.Willy judged himself and those around him by their material accumulation, as is demanded by capitalism and the protestant work ethic.The ethic demands accumulation and work as signs of favor in the eyes of god.There is also a manner in which he pursues the Dream.He is a salesman, a profession that is associated with trickery and illusion.His elder son, Biff looked brilliant both the in academic and sporting at tender age, but failed to secure a place in university after failing to perform in mathematics exam, and since then has remained an itinerant drifter, shifting between dead-end careers.Happy, Biff’s young brother better placed in life than Biff, but his personal life is a selfish, cynical womanizer. It is at this point when they play reveals the reason behind the failure of Biff. Willy is portrayed as the man to blame for Biff’s failure.


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