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Furthermore, other events show that big data plays an important role in the developmental process of modern societies.These include the launch of the Big Data Research and Development Initiative published by the United Nations Global Pulse.

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The World Economic Forum In addition, research on big data within academia is increasing rapidly; a summary of the number of papers published in 2010–2015 with “big data” as the subject and listed in the CNKI and Web of Science databases is illustrated in Fig. The growing emphasis that academia has placed on research on big data can be discerned intuitively.

In fact, academic research on the topic has surged in the last 3 years.

The main review topics are as follows: (i) big data indexes used in research on capital markets and analysis methods and (ii) research findings on big data indexes related to the field of capital markets.

These two aspects are discussed in "Internet big data related to capital markets" and "Application of Internet big data to capital markets" sections, respectively.

From the second quarter, it ranked top among all the big data funds and was in the top 10 in the Chinese market for stock-oriented funds.

Furthermore, it achieved the highest cumulative gain of 25.6%, which not only delighted its fund investors but also surprised those in the big data fund industry.In addition, it presents a review of the research findings based on Internet big data in the field of capital markets and proposes suggestions for future studies in which big data can be applied to examine issues related to capital markets.(1) Internet big data sources related to present capital market research can be categorized into forum-type data, microblog-type data and search class data.(2) As for research about investors’ sentiments on the basis of Internet big data, the main methods of sentiment analysis include building an inventory of lexical categories, using dictionaries for analysis of lexical categories, and machine learning.Hence, the review subjects for this study are studies on big data from forums, microblogs, and search engines related to the capital markets.The review was undertaken from the perspective of data acquisition.Everyone is talking about big data nowadays, but how exactly is it being applied in research on financial studies?This study summarizes the sources of Internet big data for research related to capital markets and the analytical methods that have been used in the literature.Contact us if you experience any difficulty logging in.Research in various academic disciplines has undergone tremendous changes in the era of big data.The most direct application is the development of various fund products based on big data.The earliest index product based on big data to be launched in China was Dingtoubao by Galaxy Asset Management Co.


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