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These are the most universal formats and the easiest to share digitally, including as email attachments.

These are the most universal formats and the easiest to share digitally, including as email attachments.Part of a successful business plan is making sure you've included the most current statistics and marketing benchmarks for your industry.

If using a template isn't your style, this business plan software program has step-by-step guidance included within each section so you can draft it from scratch.

Financial information is a critical portion of any business plan.

You can connect with a support representative through live chat or by telephone.

When we emailed customer support, we received a response within two hours.

The FAQs section is thorough, and the video tutorials are just as good as having someone sitting right next to you explaining every detail.

You can also contact customer service through Live Plan's social media pages, including Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.This software application can also help with determining the feasibility of your proposed business, projecting future success and securing funding. It includes many of the top document-creation tools we looked for with business plan software so that each part of your plan is seamless and looks professional.To begin with, you can choose from hundreds of small business plan templates and edit them to fit your own business profile.The future of your company depends on the quality of your business plan.Live Plan gives you access to the most up-to-date market analysis and business trends.If you don't want to give others permission to change the business plan, Live Plan has a comments section so others can give suggestions without changing content.You can also receive feedback from fellow Live Plan users on the website's blog.Live Plan has created in-depth and informative video tutorials that cover each section of your business plan.The video series, presented by Tim Berry, an internationally renowned entrepreneur, outlines the importance and purpose of including specific details in your business plan, why banks and investors look for this information, and how it is used to determine the value of your business for funding purposes.You can use these as a template and copy, paste, and edit certain elements within the program.Live Plan has some of the best customer service options available.


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