Look For A Pattern Problem Solving Strategy

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WRIC9M4: Aspects of writing, Cluster 9, Marker 4: Structures texts using paragraphs composed of logically grouped sentences that deal with a particular aspect of a topic.

The main reason for learning about math is to become a better problem solver in all aspects of life.

Vocabulary knowledge, Cluster 10, Marker 1: Demonstrates understanding that words can have different meanings in different contexts.

Aspects of speaking, Cluster 9, Marker 4: Contributes relevant ideas to discussions, asks questions and re-phrases to clarify meaning.

At this stage, patterns and algebra problems often involve working backwards, using a process of elimination, trial and error and using inverse operations.

These strategies need to be explicitly taught to students.

Continue with the same process as before, only this time introduce students to the strategy of looking for a pattern.

Next Steps Provide lots of different examples where students can talk through the different problem solving strategies they could use.

At this stage, students need to be able express their ideas and understanding by communicating and providing reasons for their thinking.

Students are required to be able to use words to describe patterns and apply their knowledge in problem solving situations.


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