Low Fat Or Low Carbohydrate Diet+Research Papers

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Before embarking on a weight loss plan for the new year, here's a look at some of what was learned last year. It's no longer called the Atkins Diet, but the low-carb school of dieting has been enjoying a comeback.

The idea is that the refined carbohydrates in foods like white bread are quickly converted into sugar in our bodies, leading to energy swings and hunger.

He’s our full-time Medical Director, writes medical blogs, reviews guides and news stories for medical accuracy and hosts The Diet Doctor Podcast. Scher’s main focus is on preventing and reversing heart disease naturally rather than putting patients on medication and...

The page below summarizes the core scientific evidence behind low-carb and keto diets.

This should cause us to question the commonly held belief that a low-fat diet is right for most people.

In fact, people given the opposite advice in studies tended to lose significantly more weight. Here are three of the best RCTs to date: All of the studies above show significantly more weight loss for the group that was advised to eat a low-carb diet (Atkins, in many cases).Yet looking at the high-quality research to date, it’s clear that on average carbohydrate restriction outperforms low-fat and other diets for weight loss.A number of meta-analyses of RCTs (considered the strongest, most robust type of evidence) have come to the same conclusion: low-carb diets tend to outperform other diets for weight loss. Andreas Eenfeldt is a Swedish medical doctor specialized in family medicine.He is the founder and CEO of Diet Doctor, leading our fast-growing team of 25 full-time co-workers and over 20 freelancers. Bret Scher is a board certified cardiologist and lipidologist practicing in San Diego.Among 164 participants, it found those on low-carb diets burned more total calories than those on high-carb diets.The study did not say people lost more weight on a low-carb diet — and didn't try to measure that.Meals and snacks were tightly controlled and continually adjusted so everyone's weights stayed stable.David Ludwig, a lead author of the paper and researcher at Boston Children's Hospital, said it suggests limiting carbs could make it easier for people to keep weight off once they've lost it.That's not going to satisfy people who want black-and-white answers, but nutrition research is extremely difficult and even the most respected studies come with big caveats.People are so different that it's all but impossible to conduct studies that show what really works over long periods of time.


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