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Longman's edi- tion of the " Speeches." Readers, who have a taste for strong food, will find that the time which they may spend over that preface will not be thrown away.

How serious that injury was, and how peculiarly it was adapted to mortify and provoke Macaulay, may be seen in the preface to Mr.

I can not help expecting that the vol- which were of a far more dubious character than his own with Mr. He had a strong relish for Pope's celebrated pasquinade ; which, in its own rather questionable class, he held to be inferior only to Voltaire's Dia- tribe of Doctor Akakia.

I had half performed my task at five." And again, on the 4th of August, " I went on with the Somnauth speech, which is among my very best. Lansdowne, Lord, letter to, on appointment to the Indian Council, i., 305.

An editor who was not grossly ignorant would have perceived that no person to whom the House of Commons would listen could possibly have been guilty of such blunders. "Judicious Poet, The," verses attributed to, i.,130.

Extravagant blunders are put into my mouth in almost every page.

His books provide an excellent example of the fact that childhood experiences,...

Read more "I honestly think all of us would be better off if everyone took the time to draw, if for no other reason than the better we see, the more inevitable curiosity becomes," former architect and best-sell...

The book provides excellent exercise for the developing imagination, presenting an incredible variety...

(read more from the Study Guide) David Macaulay was born in Burton-on-Trent, Lancashire, England, on 2 December 1945, son of James and Joan Lowe Macaulay.


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