Making Meaning With Texts Selected Essays

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Scott’s work refutes this ideological schism and the accompanying assumption that absolute music is formally complex and structurally profound, whereas popular music is characterised by its superficial surface, its meanings obvious and trite.Not only do his writings move across and between varied repertoires, he is committed to analysing music that bridges or sits uncomfortably on the boundary between classical and popular.Here his writings on light music and easy listening are particularly illuminating.The collection of his essays provides illuminating illustrations of this style, and the essays in his honour provide a critical engagement with his work that extends and elaborates on many of the themes that he has addressed in varied studies.As Scott’s work is probably familiar to many readers, and as there is not the space, and it would perhaps be tedious to go through the entire repertoire of each book, I shall use this space to map out the key recurrent themes in Scott’s research – themes that are never explored in a detached and abstract theoretical manner but always in an engaged and engaging, substantially researched style with fine attention to astutely chosen and fascinating illustrative details.A model that we find attractive is Louise Rosenblatt’s transactional theory (Rosenblatt 1970, 1978), which has influenced the teaching of literature in both the USA and the UK.Rosenblatt’s theory is a reader-response theory that stresses the active role of the reader in the process of meaning-making but also acknowledges the importance the text itself.Clearly although for many readers, the ‘picture’ built up will be similar to some degree, there will also be subtle and not-so-subtle differences!Writers can, of course, aim to manipulate readers and initiate interpretative effects and these are often as a result of different ways in which readers are drawn to build text-worlds.It proposes three conceptual layers to the reading experience.The little girl realised that she was lying in her own bed.


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