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So fundamental is this diversity with respect to impact, manifestation, and epidemiology that malaria experts themselves are not unanimous on how best to approach the disease.Malariologists recognize that malaria is essentially a local phenomenon that varies greatly from region to region and even from village to village in the same district.

So fundamental is this diversity with respect to impact, manifestation, and epidemiology that malaria experts themselves are not unanimous on how best to approach the disease.Malariologists recognize that malaria is essentially a local phenomenon that varies greatly from region to region and even from village to village in the same district.

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Worldwide, the number of cases of malaria caused by , a less virulent form of the parasite.

Furthermore, mosquitoes are becoming increasingly resistant to insecticides, and in many cases, have adapted so as to avoid insecticide-treated surfaces altogether.

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The dream of completely eliminating malaria from many parts of the world, pursued with vigor during the 1950s and 1960s, has gradually faded.

Few believe today that a global eradication of malaria will be possible in the foreseeable future.In most malarious regions of the world, there is inadequate access to malaria treatment.Appropriate health facilities may not exist; those that do exist may be inaccessible to affected populations, may not be supplied with effective drugs, or may be staffed inappropriately.Consequently, a single global technology for malaria control is of little use for specific conditions, yet the task of tailoring strategies to each situation is daunting.More important, many malarious countries do not have the resources, either human or financial, to carry out even the most meager efforts to control malaria. In one sense, it is a foreign aid issue; a devastating disease is currently raging out of control in vast, heavily populated areas of the world.The situation in many African nations is particularly dismal, exacerbated by a crumbling health infrastructure that has made the implementation of any disease control program difficult.Malaria cases among tourists, business travelers, military personnel, and migrant workers in malarious areas have been increasing steadily in the last several years, posing new concerns that the disease will be introduced to currently nonmalarious areas.Although often considered a single disease, malaria is more accurately viewed as many diseases, each shaped by subtle interactions of biologic, ecologic, social, and economic factors.The species of parasite, the behavior of the mosquito host, the individual's immune status, the climate, human activities, and access to health services all play important roles in determining the intensity of disease transmission, who will become infected, who will get sick, and who will die.In high transmission areas, partial immunity to the disease is acquired during childhood.In such settings, the majority of malarial disease, and particularly severe disease with rapid progression to death, occurs in young children without acquired immunity.


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