Management Leadership Research Paper

Leadership and management often remain confused as these two are mostly taken in one content.John kotter who belongs to Harvard Business School classifies these two indifferent content, leadership as a part of management.The Mc Donald of US focus mainly on opportunities and less on problems and that is why the Mc Donald adopted diversification in US.

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A detail theory and concept is provided that will suggest that what type of strategies the firm must adopt to deal with this leadership in these two countries.

The very first section deals with contingency design theory and the other section will deals with structuration theory.

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The topic that the paper will cover is the leadership in Mc Donald within US and China.

The paper aims to see the differences in leadership strategy used by US and China while particularly taking Mc Donald in consideration.They believe that solving the existing problems while seeking the new opportunities is more important fro the firm to work in the future.The individual behaviour in the Mc Donald working in China is different form that of USD.In multi-national organization, leadership strategy is used by the managers as they want to lead their sub-ordinates to achieve that purpose for which the organization is made for.In any leader, confidence, motivation, better communication system, influencing others, decision making and goal setting characters are essentials as these are the major characters of any leader.In fact, China believes on high group orientation, where the leadership strategy works less rather team working is preferred more.We can say that in China paternalistic strategy work more in which the employees are considered as partners.According to him a single word management include different concept and leadership is one of its concept.Leadership actually means ability to influence other behaviours and acts in order to achieve a certain goal.This difference enables us to know different strategies these two countries have adopted.Moreover, the paper aims to describe the different leadership strategies used by these countries.


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