Marketing Plan Example For A Business

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For example, if you realize that your current website is terribly out of date in comparison to your competitors and it might be wise to invest in a web development agency to redesign your website.

This would require a significant budget, timeline, and outside group of developers to complete.

An example on how to reach these people is testimonials on your product and the reasons why it’s better than canoeing or kayaking, along with competitor paddleboards.

Lastly in the decision stage, personalized remarketing ads or a promotion could tip them over the edge and into a purchase. In addition to gaining new customers, your marketing plan can address how to communicate with existing shoppers.

For something like social media, you can compare the engagement, followers, and posting consistency that your company is doing and see how it lines up with your competitors. Are they investing in influencer marketing or doubling down on promoted posts?

Once you’ve completed an in-depth audit of how your marketing currently performs, it gives you great insight into how you can improve for the future, which helps to inform overall strategy.A clearly laid out marketing plan can help answer these questions and create the connection between what the consumer wants and how your business can provide that.It’s important to note that not every potential customer is ready to make a purchase from your ecommerce store. The buyer funnel has three stages – awareness, consideration, and decision.Often a marketing plan (and the process of making them) can help guide other important strategic decisions.From your marketing audit, you may have realized that: Each of those areas requires a different plan of action and group of resources that’s bigger than just your marketing team.Whether it’s through Not only does a marketing plan help your business to be successful in driving sales — it also gives you a better idea of where your marketing stands in the current landscape and where it should go in the future.Start with an audit of your current marketing efforts and how they align with your business goals, compare to your competitors market share, and reach your target customers.Focusing on channels such as paid media, search engine optimization (SEO), or creating a well developed content marketing strategy is another great way to individually see how each channel is working.This is an ideal approach for when you may have a missing link stopping your advertising from reaching its full potential. Questions similar to these should be the backbone to your marketing plan and can give your team perspective on the landscape for your business and overall industry.Having an ad linking to your products or an article on “X Reasons To Get Into Paddleboarding” could spark the attention of people who are curious but still needing to do more research.Moving into the consideration stage is people who are thinking about investing in a paddleboard.


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