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The company mainly expanded into Central and Eastern Europe.Because of the aggressive desire to expand the business, a marketing strategy had to be found to help improve the sales of the fast growing company.The most outstanding products in the food category are blue band and Knorr.

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The objectives are elaborated below to avoid ambiguity in the research.

This analysis is expected to find out the amount of vegetable oil released from cooking oil factories, follow it to the homes that use the oil until it is consumed or disposed in some manner.

As part of its ISO procedures, it binds itself to packaging products in eco friendly packaging materials and it encourages recycling of its plastic cans.

This is a very attractive company with a rich history and the fact that it controls a good market share of the world product consumers; it is worthy carrying out a research that is comprehensive.

This concept was the order of the day for small companies that wished to grow and control the market.

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That is the reason why in the 1930s, the companies tried to cushion themselves from the effects of World War I and World War II by coming together and avoiding unhealthy competition.This is an objective that will basically consider the collection of advertising ideas.It considers what consumers craze for in the vegetable oil and the packaging.It will also be able to investigate how people got to know about Phase dawn, whether it is by spontaneous spread of the product or it is by the company’s adverts on radio, television or billboards.There are reasons why people prefer certain brands compared to others and the other point of concern is the quantities that are more preferred for packaging purposes.Unilever became one of the world’s largest companies and it took the idea of concentrating on its image, core products and its brands.The issue was that, Unilever had to be a household name for the longest period possible.Phase Dawn butter has just entered the market where there are other brands being consumed.This objective will help us to find out how it compares with the old brands.The main objective of this research is to ‘examine the use of butter flavour vegetable oil in cooking meals’.To achieve this objective, it would be subdivided to more discrete objectives that can be quantified as follows: To find out what these objectives explicitly mean to the marketing proposal to be arrived at.


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