Marriage As A Rite Of Passage Essay

For example, Jewish mourners returning home from a funeral are normally given a hard boiled egg as a symbol of life.

The process of mourning is also conducted according to different traditions, sometimes taking a considerable time period.

There are many situations in which rites of passage are observed.

Following are some of the most universally recognized.

The events in an individual's life cycle, particularly those surrounding birth, marriage, and death are acknowledged in almost all cultures to be important rites of passage.

However, the way in which these events are celebrated varies considerably across countries and regions and within different religious and ethnic groups.The solution to this contradiction is for there to be more focus on programs or organizations for men and women to deal with their own issues of a lack of self-development and lack of a purposeful life, so that they could be better examples for the youth.: the solution to the epidemic of serial marriages where many individual marry and divorce multiples times during the course of their life is to change the approach from off-balanced individuals falling in love to the more balanced and stable approach of culturally-centered families forming a mutual bond.If more marriages were formed between individuals that have both been through the birth and adulthood rites, then more unions would work because both individuals would have a clear focus in life and would also know how to best support the other partners mission.: every Black community that establishes a governing council of elders should also chose a group of local and national ancestors whose life represented a purpose focused on helping (in some way) to build and develop the community.During the liminal state one's sense of identity dissolves to some extent, as it is a period of transition.Victor Turner and Mary Douglas developed further theories on rites of passage in the 1960s.In Western cultures pregnancy is often celebrated with a baby shower.In the Jewish tradition a baby boy undergoes brit milah, a religious circumcision, while Muslims and Hindus shave the baby's head on the seventh day.Sikh women generally wear white clothes for mourning, although sometimes they wear black.Though there are variations within the Hindu traditions, women generally wear white or black.The five major initiation rites can be implemented in any Black community that seeks to find solutions to the problem of a large number of people in the community who lack direction and purpose, and who lack a commitment to build and develop the community.The African proverb is that one who learns, teaches.


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