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In these situations, these individuals have so much faith with their parents such that they would not like to disappoint them; hence they ensure the marriage last.The couple respect each other and they always know that their parent have chosen the best partner for them.This kind of marriage is very common in Middle East and part of Asia and Africa.

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They pay because the boy has accepted to stay with their daughter.

It is believed by some and accepted by others that love can develop and two people can learn to live with each other. However, in these contemporary times, such marriages seem to be becoming more common.

Seemingly, there seems to be a shift in our thinking, culture and a sort of change in attitude of how we view gays and lesbians today.

In some cultures like India,......, try to decipher if marriages in the Hindu faith last longer due to satisfaction and at the same time contrast the level of satisfaction that arises from love marriages.

In ‘traditional’ cultures such as these families select the individuals to be bonded in marriage.


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