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Though his work there (including his doctoral dissertation, completed in 1955) was marked in its use of multiple and eclectic sources, it also showed a lax attitude towards plagiarism.

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Before moving into the ministry, he attended Crozer Theological Seminary in Pennsylvania from 1948 to 1951.

He had been somewhat of an unfocused student at Morehouse, but as he developed his own understanding of theology and religion, he developed into a superlative student, graduating at the top of his class at Crozer. King worked towards his Ph D in systematic theology at Boston University.

King understood the importance of dramatizing his protests, and finding the right stages.

So during this period, he traveled the world, learning about Gandhi’s use of nonviolence in India, and about the African struggle for independence. King and his family moved to Atlanta to better manage the SCLC.

After marrying in 1953, they moved to Montgomery, Alabama, where Dr. He finished his dissertation from there, and he slowly grew into a community leader in Montgomery.

Because of his position in the community, in 1955 he was asked to lead the Montgomery Improvement Association (MIA), formed by several black leaders (including his life-long ally Ralph Abernathy) to protest the arrest of Rosa Parks for refusing to give up her bus seat to a white passenger. King quickly became a fiery and devoted leader of the Montgomery Bus Boycott, a yearlong protest wherein black citizens (the majority of city passengers) refused to ride Montgomery buses.

King had an uneasy alliance with SNCC, which pushed for more militant action than he delivered, but he felt compelled to join them in their efforts when he could.

When he was arrested at a SNCC event in Atlanta in 1960, presidential candidate John F. King and the Civil Rights movement, issuing a statement that many believe was instrumental in his narrow victory over Richard Nixon that year. King’s next major battleground was in Albany, GA, which he entered begrudgingly and at the behest of others. King’s two arrests there, the Albany Movement was ultimately a failure, largely because the local sheriff refused to use violence, which would have energized the national consciousness. King left Albany in 1962, leaving many to doubt his relevance to the ongoing struggle.

He showed us the importance of courageous, intelligent, and dedicated leadership. He realized that no one could achieve freedom as long as their leaders lacked knowledge and understanding. pursued was to teach the people how to establish themselves for the purpose of achieving their freedom.

Honoring him because of his persistent, respected, and esteemed qualities is the right type of respect he should receive. was successful in teaching his followers many qualities. King also made our nation stronger because of the actions he took.


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