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The opposition should take 20-30 minutes and as an opponent you review the solutions of the thesis and must also suggest alternative solutions. Your focus should primarily be on the general impression of the thesis rather than on details.There were several points where I think I interpreted the results and what they meant for the big picture a bit differently than the candidate did.This makes the defence more interesting, and it also aids the committee’s assessment of the way the work challenges or changes our understanding of the thesis topic.I’ll describe my experience, and share some thoughts about its advantages and disadvantages compared to the North American convention.The process I was invited to be the opponent about five months before the defence.The day of the defence was a big day and a long one.The defence, in the morning, was attended by ~80 people, including students and faculty but also a large contingent of the candidate’s friends and family.Please notice that there are other regulations for ERASMUS-students. You can find the departments student office in the B-building close to Caf Java, D-corridor, entrance 27.Opening hours: Closed for summer holidays 20/6 - 13/8 2019. The day before the defence, I gave a seminar in the host department (as one does).More importantly, the candidate and I went for lunch, along with his supervisors and the Chair of the defence.


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