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If you will not have time to review CHECK comments, please let us know with your order; the Editor will insert fewer or no CHECK comments, and these will be confined only to critical problems.Uni-edit can assist you to prepare your manuscript in accordance with the requirements of your university.A final version of your manuscript is useful for authors who are not familiar with the Track Changes function in MS Word.

We recommend that you do your best to become acquainted with and adhere to your university’s formatting guidelines at the time of drafting your manuscript, in order to save valuable time later, when the submission deadline is approaching.

References and citations Universities are generally strict about the use of proper references and citations that are in accordance with their preferred system.

The final requirement in earning a graduate degree is the completion and defense of the master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation.

Understanding the steps and associated deadlines in the thesis/dissertation submission and degree conferral process is necessary to establish a successful plan and realistic timeframe.

The Editor focuses on clarity of meaning through correct English usage.

The Editor will not point out non-language related problems such as scientific or logical argument, theory, and experimental problems (except in the Gold package, through Content IDEAs).

This is an easy-to-use function that allows you to easily see each and every change that was made to your manuscript.

MS Word allows you to easily accept all changes or choose the changes that you would like to accept one by one in the tracked changes version.

You may request the Editor to check that all citations are listed in the References section.

You may also request the Editor to ensure that the references adhere to the required format style of your university, such as APA, Harvard, MLA, etc.


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