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They include algebra in all its levels as well as sophisticated areas such as the calculus.This is the side of the subject that is largely represented in the Strands of Number, Algebra, Statistics, Geometry and Measurement.

However, there are certainly problems where children may find it necessary to play around with the information before they are able to think of a strategy that might produce a solution.

This exploratory phase will also help them to understand the problem better and may make them aware of some piece of information that they had neglected after the first reading.

In the Mathematics Curriculum therefore, Problem Solving contributes to the generic skill of problem solving in the New Zealand Curriculum Framework.

But Problem Solving also contributes to mathematics itself.

Second, it is vital to make sure that the answer they obtained is in fact the answer to the problem and not to the problem that they thought was being asked.

Third, in looking back and thinking a little more about the problem, children are often able to see another way of solving the problem.During the solution process, children may find that they have to look back at the original question from time to time to make sure that they are on the right track.With younger children it is worth repeating the problem and then asking them to put the question in their own words.Older children might use a highlighter pen to mark and emphasise the most useful parts of the problem.Pólya’s second stage of finding a strategy tends to suggest that it is a fairly simple matter to think of an appropriate strategy.Finally, a "solution" is the whole process of solving a problem, including the method of obtaining an answer and the answer itself.method answer = solution But how do we do Problem Solving? Pólya enunciated these in 1945 but all of them were known and used well before then. The Ancient Greek mathematicians like Euclid and Pythagoras certainly knew how it was done. In fact the diagram below is much more like what happens in practice There is no chance of being able to solve a problem unless you are can first understand it.Pólya’s four stages of problem solving are listed below.1. This process requires not only knowing what you have to find but also the key pieces of information that somehow need to be put together to obtain the answer.And we’ll restrict ourselves to thinking about mathematical problems here even though Problem Solving in school has a wider goal.When you think about it, the whole aim of education is to equip children to solve problems.There’s a trick to it because, as Mashable pointed out, how you solve it depends on where in the world you first learned math. Naturally enough, Problem Solving is about solving problems.


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