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Just click on an activity and you will find something you can share with your child or something your child can do on their own.Please join in and help your child if you can, in this way maths at home becomes fun and enjoyable.This scheme help us plan teaching and learning effectively within each year group.

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Additionally, the resources are sorted by Key Stage and cater for the English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish curriculums.

is a simple site with simple exercises, but it’s very useful for parents looking for free homework help online for their child.

Honestly, this is one of the best ways to help your kids sharpen up their skills at home, as they won’t even realise they’re doing something educational. It’s a great online resource to help children who wish to become more skilled at maths or need help with higher level maths homework.

Each maths question posed is accompanied by a step-by-step explanation, so if a child gets stuck, they can review the problem and get a breakdown on how to get the answers.

Here at St Marks we teach the Mathematics National Curriculum using Maths Mastery approach.

Maths Homework Ideas Doctoral Dissertation S

We use some activities from a scheme of work produced by Hamilton Trust.

There are many relationships that you can see using these triangles.

e.g.) The black numbers represent the 3x tables in the triangles.

NRICH also encourages children to actively engage in problem-solving and is great for children that need help further understanding mathematical concepts.

We’re big fans of NRICH at Whizz HQ because like us they’re big believers in providing maths problems that are accessible to children of all abilities while simultaneously challenging high achievers.


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