Mba Admission Leadership Essay

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It was a huge responsibility, and I was given the task of formulating the procedures that Project Forward would recommend to all sales divisions.Despite a flurry of activity, two months went by with no results.As a result, the motivation exhibited by these representatives grew more and more intense.

It was a huge responsibility, and I was given the task of formulating the procedures that Project Forward would recommend to all sales divisions.

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I suggested that we simply ask the sales representatives why they neglected to carry out the new measures.

After interviewing thirty-six sales representatives from all sales departments, I discovered that, broadly speaking, sales representatives did not understand the goal of Project Forward.

What insights did you gain as a result of this experience?

In April of 2001, two colleagues from Ota-ku and about one hundred volunteers gathered in Tokyo to address a growing problem in Japan: the “Digital Divide.” Our plan was to establish a course in information technology and to leverage the 54.5 billion yen endowment of a national movement in order to train Japanese citizens in the usage of on-line resources.

A leader must clearly identify the problems that are hindering a project’s success, and then he must address those issues by making every team member a stakeholder in the project’s success.

Mba Admission Leadership Essay

By raising awareness of a project’s goals and purposes, a leader can then motivate his teammates to contribute.LBS is also one of the top ranked international options …Kellogg MBA’s set of three required questions and the choice of two short answers are slightly different from last year, and are clearly focused on understanding how you work with and lead others. Haas School of Business short answer essays are both an opportunity and a challenge.The resultant deficit at Aquent, one of the world’s biggest communications companies, had swollen to nearly 0 million and threatened to bring the company down.To combat this problem, I joined a sales reform taskforce that implemented “Project Forward,” a new oversight committee that would investigate the profitability of project orders and decide whether or not to accept them.Since I observed that we could not successfully implement the measure without changing the sales representatives’ minds about the council’s usability, I enthusiastically discussed the purpose of Project Forward at the joint meetings and through our mailing list.I showed the sales division that they owned Project Forward and should share in its establishment.In addition, resource managers were directed to assign two people to manage Project Forward full-time in each sales division.Finally, I used motivational techniques to ensure that Project Forward was executed with vigor.Leadership is centrally interactive, and only by working in harmony with an organization can a leader guarantee long-term success.Essay 2: Describe your most challenging team-building experience.


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