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The average MCAT score for admitted students at Wash U was 521, with a range of 10th-90th percentile range of 516-525 per MSAR. What does it mean if your scores were 130 on three sections of the MCAT and 115 on the fourth?

Clearly you have a weakness in an area that most medical schools feel is important enough to test and measure.

Prior to 2015, test-takers received a numerical score of 1-15 for each of the three multiple choice sections with the overall score being a sum of these. Today each of the four sections is now scored on a scale ranging 118 to 132, making that new perfect number 528.

The exam is scaled to a mean of about 500, with the mean of each section near a score of 125.

You’ll notice in the MCAT Score Converter above that each numerical score has an associated percentile rank denoting the percentage of test-takers scoring below this value.

Last year the mean score was 500.2 with a standard deviation of 10.5 points.

The matriculating student average itself had a standard deviation of about 6.

This means that slightly more than 2/3 of accepted students had scores between 504 and 516, but many also scored higher or lower.

Unfortunately, there is no single answer to this question for all med schools, or even for all med school applicants.

Here are some factors to examine when evaluating the competitiveness of your MCAT score: • What are the average MCAT scores for the schools you are applying to?


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